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4O                               LETTERS   FROM   THB

to the Queen, her shoemaker disappointed her of
her shoes, which Leonard, the hairdresser told the
Queen; upon which she was so good as to send
her a pair of hers. Upon her presentation, Her
Majesty inquired if the shoes fitted her well, and
before she could give an answer, the old Count
dj Osmond, who was close behind, said in a loud
whisper to her, "Dites qu'ils sont trop petits."

The Duke de Lauzun, though endowed with
some essentially bad qualities, has a great deal of
cleverness, and on that account was idolised at
Chanteloup, where the Duke de Choiseul used to
assemble the wits of the age. Lauzun neglected
going thither one summer, and when he returned,
after a very long absence, he found the Duke de
Liancourt, a man of shallow parts, become the
favourite, and himself treated with neglect by the
Duchess de Grammont, &c. He took his departure
in consequence, and on being asked the reason,
"Ma foi," said he, "j'avois 6t6 longtems absent,
et & mon retour j'ai trouv< qu'on avait donn6 ma
place & Liancourt."

These verses were made on the Duke de
Liancourt by him :

Si Ton empruntoit dn courage,

Comme on ach&te de 1'esprit*
Liancourt auroit 1'avantage,

De se battre comme il 6crit.